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Dec 21, 2012 6:00pm PST
a remarkable career here on abc 7. stay with us. kx;x$รบ >>> a federal appeals court blocked the california law banning day conversion therapy, pugt the law on hold until it can hear arguments on the issue the law banning conversions be there aims to turn gay minors straight was to take affect january 1. counselors and two families say their teen-aged sons benefited from it sought the injunction after a lower court redees -- refuse aid request. >> news that 800 jobs in chevron headquarters are being moved to houston, texas. david louie is live tonight and sounds like officials there got very little warning. >> they didn't get very much warning. the mayor tells me that he got the bad news yesterday afternoon from chevron but apparently, the plan to moist jobs to texas had been underway for months. >> this is not something you want to see. it's a big impact here. >> 800 jobs represents just under a 4th of the 3500 employees at the san ramone headquarters. chevron says it told workers but didn't make it public until sending out an e mail yesterday. five business units are involved, all support the
Dec 28, 2012 6:00pm PST
now, patrol and local law enforcement launching a crack down on drunk drivers. du. i check points going up tonight throughout the bay area and will be running through new year's day. one lawmaker is proposing a solution, a new solution for getting repeat crunch drivers off the road its already being used in other states. we're live tonight with the details of the new proposal. david? >> well, the santa clara sount sounty -- count eye sheriff's office is planning on starting the check point here on stevens creek boulevard at 7:00 tonight but state senator along with a chp believed technology also could be a major deterrent. the thinking hind proposed crack down is to address what jerry hill says is a high rate of drunk driver who's don't  b. >> there are 161,000 dui arrests and convictions in california. in 27% were repeat offender autos a second conviction would require a driver to buy and install an ignition intercept device this, is video post bid several manufacturers showing how devices work. a breath sample is taken and the car starts only if a driver passes a test. law enfo
Dec 24, 2012 6:00pm PST
their conviction. once it is granted. law enforcement is notefied and their records are updated. >> people at this toy drive are working harder than ever this holiday season. >> carolyn: also at 6:30 a look behind the fiscal cliff to break them down how much l it will cost you if a deal is not reached in a week. >> both firemen are shot. >> firefighters are ambushed in new york that leads crews in the line of gunfire. local firefighters show their solidarity. stay with us >> dan: investigators are still trying to figure out why a gunman shot four firefighters as they arrived at an early morning house fire. sergio quintana has details on this shooting. we ree action from local firefighters who are obviously stunned. >> reporter: investigators in new york are trying to hammer out the details but the shooter may have sparked the house fire and waited for firefighters to arrive and then started shooting >> what should have been a radio call to coordinate an early morning fire fight is a call for help. four firefighters were targeted by a shooter. two were killed. gunman may have set the fire t
Dec 26, 2012 6:00pm PST
has never been in trouble with the law and in fact, wanted to become a police officer. gina did not seem to ak naj noj family or friends packing the courtroom today. some of them wiping tears. the 23-year-old san francisco woman is accused of being drunk behind the wheel, and then, taking off after plowing her car into a group of pedestrians last week. they had been walking along td road by the scenic twin peaks vista point. the 56-year-old visiting from china, was killed when she was knocked down the hillside. her son and two other friends were injured. >> according to her attorney, eunice may have learned rights in school. >> she was a quarter short of graduating from college. studying criminal justice, hoping to become a police officer. >> now, she's in custody on $2 million bail, facing four felonies including vehicular manslaughter, if she's able to post bail the judge ordered thor wear an alcohol monitor to refrain from driving. the district attorney says this case will be handled in his words, very aggressively. >> in this particular defendant was not only causing a trage
Dec 27, 2012 6:00pm PST
is violating the law. >> he says he caught check and go doing just that. with loans it sold online. >> saying we're subject to federal regulations then, they charged apr. >> herera sued and check and go settled meaning they'll have to pay back to customers. a spokesman says they'll admitted no wrong doing they've ended that bank partnership and are cooperating but now, customers only have 90 days to claim money. >> the office launched a viral video about a similar settle wmt money mart. >> i'm not going tell you our marketing secrets. >> local leaders worked to get the word out about settlement, also about a city backed get lower interest rates if you qualify. >> the loan between $50 to 500s and with interest rate of no marry than 18% apr. >> it's a partnership for people who live, work or worship in san?ck=%rancisco. check and go spokesman points out it won't take the place of larger loan autos pays lower interest. of course, it would be better for everybody. >> and to find out whether you qualify for the settlement or to get a loan from the city we have links for you on abc 7 >> s
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5